Harris Manufacturing Company operates three fully equipped manufacturing facilities.
Two factories located in Smyrna, Delaware and one located in Trenton, New Jersey which houses our corporate offices.

With 345 employees and approximately 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Harris Manufacturing Company's strength lies in the manufacture of both cut and sew and rubber cemented items to rigorous specifications.

Harris Manufacturing maintains a higher level quality system, to accommodate DOD contracts and critical life saving items.  Our trained quality staff has a government approved on site testing laboratory where we do product seam and material testing.  We perform breaking strength, tear strength, coating adhesion, hydrostatic tests, along with hot/cold aging.

Our engineering staff works in concert with design to create prototypes that meet desired applications.  Plus vast experience and a unique blend of automatic and semi-automatic manufacturing equipment has enabled us to furnish customers with very attractive lead times at highly competitive prices. We have the capability to design and produce ideas or requirements into the finished products you are looking for.


on site certified testing lab




Capabilities and Major Equipment

Harris Manufacturing's state of the art cutting systems include a Gerber single-ply Model #DCS2500 perfect for cutting intricate patterns and capable of marking fabrics.  It is also used for the cutting of prototypes for our design department.

Our Gerber Cutting Systems include:
      *Two - Gerber S7250 Cutting System (multi ply conveyor fed)
      *One - Gerber S5200 Cutting System (multi ply conveyor fed)
      *One - Gerber DCS 2500 Cutting System (single ply)
      *Two- Gerber Accumark Marking and Grading System
      *Three - Gerber Niebuhr Computerized Fabric Spreading Systems

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Gerber single-ply cutting system

Gerber Niebuhr spreading system

Gerber conveyor fed cutting system

(Also see Contract Cutting for more information.)

Harris Manufacturing has the versatility to work with a wide range of textile products including:
      *Poly Cotton Sheeting
      *Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene Yarn
      *Butyl Coated Nylon, PVC, PTFE Laminates and Viton
      *Neoprene Coated Nylon and Neoprene Coated Fiberglass
      *Uncured Neoprene Coated Nylon
      *Urethane Coated Nylon
      *PVC Chemtane (special formulation)
      *Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing
      *PVC Chemtane, Urethane and Reflective Tape

Harris Manufacturing then produces these fabrics into various items from the cutting stage, through packing and shipping.  We have a trained production staff of managers and supervisors with decades of experience.  Our labor force includes more than 100 trained operators with a surplus of trained operators who can hot air tape (machine), join adhesive seams (hand fabrication) and sew!

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waterproof tape machine

Harris Manufacturing owns and operates a host of updated sewing and specialized equipment including:
      *Programmable tackers
      *Single needle (drop feed, needle feed, compound feed)
      *Double needle off arm machines
      *Double needle machines with gauges from 1/16" to 4"
      *EProm programmable machines including decorative stitching

Harris Manufacturing has also developed specialized sewing systems to accommodate intricate sewing and high volume:
      *Conveyor fed multi-needle with electric eyes to edge guide and cut thread chains
      *Conveyor fed dual sergers
      *Ultrasonic machine with parallel wheels and horns
      *Edge rolls
      *Single needle with programmable stitch patterns
      *1 complete machine shop on premise

Harris Manufacturing non sewing equipment includes over 20 sealing systems - hot air sealers, Queen light and Nawon sealing systems.  RF equipment in a separate RF room with machines of ascending kilowatt capacity.  Vac Pack set-up impulse sealing system.  An 8' x 8' x 20' curing oven with fully automated thermostatic controls, and high temperature incinerator.  Heat seal processes including large, small, high and low temperature, pneumatic and dual turntable systems.  Silk screen turntable system to screen and heat dry for on site printing and labeling.

8' x 8 'x 20' curing oven
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silk screening system
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Quality Control
Our Quality System, which is ISO 9002 and MIL-I-45208 compliant, addresses receipt of raw materials, storage, inventory control, the manufacturing process, packaging and shipping.

Years ago, in order to better serve the growing commercial market, Harris Manufacturing formed two separate companies, namely, the Chem-Tex Corporation and Utility Products Manufacturing Corporation.
Chem-Tex, founded in 1984, specializes in the manufacture and sales of reusable chemical protective clothing, apparel and accessories.
Utility Products (1977) manufactures custom industrial rainwear.

Affirmative Action
The Harris Affirmative Action Program is compliant with the equal employment opportunity affirmative action mandated by Executive Order No. 11246, as amended, and the implementation rules and regulations of the Secretary of Labor.

Drug Policy
Our facilities have been designated as drug free working environments in compliance with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act. We have a clearly documented policy regarding drugs and their use in the workplace. Every employee must acknowledge and agree to our drug policy as a condition of continued employment.



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